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Mediterranean / Spanish, Tuscan

Mediterranean, Spanish, Portugese, Greece & Tuscan

The décor of Mediterranean, like the Spanish, Portugese, Greece, Italian and especially the Tuscan villas and farmhouses is a much sought after style in homes today
Mediterranean style homes are typically found in warmer climates and feature coastal design elements, such as open spaces and outdoor patios.

They are incredibly fascinating and beautiful with relaxed comfort, elegance and a touch of luxurious.


They recapture the sights, the smells, the colors, the sunshine, the flowers, the fruits, the warm relaxed atmosphere...

...the sounds of bird song and laughter echoing across the hillside, and the taste of warm, crusty bread and juicy fruits in your mouth....

The interior reflects the beauty of nature and earthy materials like marble, tile, stone, brick, old plaster or ‘stucco’ and ceramics mixed with an appreciation of good quality finishes with metal and wood accents.

Most of the homes have large outdoor spaces like an outside room as courtyards, verandas,  patio's, greenhouses, serres and balconies which needs a variety of wooden and cast iron outdoor furniture, and a lot of terracotta and handmade pottery

In these fascinating Mediterranean homes ceilings are usually wooden, and wall beams and stonework are left exposed, which means that you can see just how random the blocks of stone are in size and color,
arched doorways and wood beams and water features such as fountains

To create the meditarian style look out for

  • elements and accents that gives well-worn lived look which adds to the comfortable surroundings and provides a warm, homely affect.
  • good quality, solid, wooden ore wrought iron furniture in a rustic or distressed style often combined with combined with marble, for a really elegant Tuscany decorating look – round bistro tables are ideal.
  • rich, dark woods, everyday pine or painted wood with a distressed finish, if you can afford it look for antique pieces of furniture
  • hand-worked, metal bowls and platters (usually pewter) in a rustic style
  • metal ore wrought iron candlesticks, lighting fixtures and wall sconces, as well as beautiful, decorative, wrought iron wall art and applications
  • terra cotta pottery, rustic urns and ceramics
  • statuary, stone fireplaces
  • wherever possible,  find some great antique pieces
  • hang curtains ore lace from a beautiful, wrought iron pole!
  • use colors for your walls, drapery, tapestries, , mosaic inlays, paintings, pottery, and art,furniture and bedding that are inspired by nature.
  • try warm golden creamy yellows, deep olive green, rust umber browns and other wine tones, rustic reds, deep burnt orange, cobalt blues, copper and even peachy and pink shades

In the Winter time go for luxurious tapestries on your walls, also for curtains look for tapestry style fabrics, damasks, brocades

In the Summer, or in warm climates, choose light cotton, linen or lace,  beautiful fabrics, so choose luxurious linens, draperies, lace and throws


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Spanish, Mediterranean & Tuscan


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