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Medieval, Gothic, Old World, Castle, Historical Chateau

Medieval, Old World, Castle & Historical Chateau 

Are you inspired by The Lord Of The Rings and Other Fantasy Worlds like Merlin, Camelot, Game Of Thrones, White Queen en Legends like the Holy Grail, Shakespeare in Love and The Tudors
Then the glamorous and dramatic style of the Old World with their Historic Chateaux and Castles, Gothic and the Antiques is perfect for you

Medieval Interior Design draws its inspiration from the Middle Period of European history which lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.


Antiques from the Middle Ages are extremely rare, but  it is not important to be precisely historically accurate, it is the right style and feel which you need to concern yourself with, more recent antiques in the same style are sometimes available for moderate cost.

  • Castles were usually made of stone, so unless your walls are also of stone, you may want to do a bit of faux-stone painting technique, flat-backed artificial stone veneer to mortar against the walls like tile.
  • Look for ornate wooden wall panelling and top the area above the panels with wallpaper depicting medieval to Renaissance scenes, or reproduction tapestries
  • Arched ceilings ore wooden ceiling beams, in dark, chunky oak are great for this style
  • Look for large heavy ornate solid wooden furniture in dark finishes, such as oak or other hard wood or reclaimed lumber.
  • Dining tables and chairs, chests, benches, dressers, four-poster beds and even cupboard beds...  
  • The Beds in Castles were huge and included canopies and draperies, tapestries, velvet ore heavy cloth to shield sleepers from drafts at night
  • Chairs were massive high-backed thronelike affairs, often ornately carved, with leather-upholstered back insets and seats.
  • At windows, fit full, thick, floor-length curtains, in heavy weight fabrics, like velvets, brocades and tapestry fabrics.

Medieval times were times of War. So look out for authentic, or reproduction, suits of armor and swords.

Also look for pewter table ware, tankards, pitchers, bowls and platters.

Include some Medieval-style dragon and gargoyle accessories and religious items
There wasn't any electricity yet so a side from the usual fireplace, you would have rush lights, torches, candles, crude oil lamps and simply designed wrought-iron chandelier with electric ore candles

Iron or oxidized copper and brass items, such as chandeliers and accent piece like wrought-iron fire grates and fire-side tongs and poker sets add to the atmosphere.

Look for big, soft rugs and cushions, in typical, Medieval colors and designs like heraldic designs, fleur-de-lys or tapestry-style, floral and foliage patterns.

For paint on your walls, choose very deep, rich colors - deep reds, greens and golds are all ideal Medieval style colors.

For something a little lighter try creams, with dusky pinks, blues, greens and rusts.


Gothic Revival is a style that both celebrates and idealizes the Middle Ages.
It embodies the romantic tales of knights and dragons, of King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot, of mythical gargoyles and unicorns as well as the ecclesiastical architecture of Europe's grand cathedrals like Chartres, Notre Dame, and Westminster Abbey.

Gothic style can be described as 'pointy'.
Arches, chairs, doorways took on this look that had never been seen previously.
Symmetry was widely used in proportion to balance out the space and is most certainly ornate. 


When selecting furniture for a Gothic interior design concept think of black items whith tones in gold to give your look that edge of indulgence.

Rich dark colors of burgundy, plum, ruby, emerald, forest greens and navy will work well.
Chandeliers, sconces, and carved in wood or made of bronze or cast iron, often with glass panels, provided lighting.

Look for stained and leaded glass windows ore panels

The Gothic style is often been used in Victorian homes as well


The history of Victorian Design is rooted in nineteenth century England, between 1837-1901 – during the reign of Queen Victoria
It was an era of ornate and excessive decoration in all things.


The Victorian look  is known for its interpretation and eclectic revival mix of historic styles like Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan, English Rococo, Neoclassical mixed  with the introduction of middle east and Asian influences in furniture,  fittings, and interior decoration.


Elements of design:

  • Victorian decor emphasizes elegant, ornate, rich, and formal details
  • Furniture is generally made of dark wood; marble tops are also common
  • Stunning tables, often with a marble top
  • Chair and sofa legs are normally made of carved wood should be button-backed as should ottomans and chaise-longs.
  • Velvet upholstered furniture and drapery, giving a sense of luxury to a simple room.
  • Sideboards in a range of decorative styles, often ornamented with veneers and inlays
  • Feminine details such as lace or embroidery are common
  • Other details might include brocades, oriental carpets, and romantic touches of floral fabrics, embroidered textiles and lace
  • Highly decorative lamps like 'Tiffany'lamps are perfect to use and would add an amazing splash of color into your room.
  • From the 1840's wallpaper was in mass production and was commonly applied to a section of the wall. The best collections of wallpaper came on the market similar to the designs of William Morris.
  • Damask and large floral, bird and animal motifs on water silk paper would be perfect.

The Arts and Crafts movement, the aesthetic movement, Anglo-Japanese style and the Art Nouveau style  with influences from Europe, especially Paris, France, have their beginnings in the late Victorian era and gothic period.

  • generally luxurious and can be dramatic, opulent and ornate.
  • defined by orderliness and ornamentation
  • surfaces are usually filled with objects that reflect the owner's interest, such as antique vases and paintings

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