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Industrial Factory & Loft

The ultra hip Industrial Factory/Loft Style, wildly popular in urban homes across the globe in recent years, actually springs from old utilitarian wood-and-metal origins.
Factories, welding workshops, blacksmith shops and other backdrops for trades of the Industrial Revolution have served as inspiration for this unique style


Designers adore this style for its

  • modern twist on antique aesthetic
  • unfinished look and raw and pretty rough surfaces
  • clean lines and uncomplicated vibe, one part edgy and one part chic

It is a showcase for everything related to industry and fabrication.

Main characteristics

  • open spaces
  • high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling window
  • the construction is boldly on display and show their building materials as a design element, the brick walls, concrete or weathered wood floors, bare ceilings, oversized windows, structural beams, the pipes and metal air ducts


That's why this style is often found in a big open space like a loft, old warehouses or other reclaimed industrial spaces, factories, hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc… can be completely transformed into stunning industrial homes.

Because these spaces typically have so much texture in their building elements, a neutral palette is commonly used.

In industrial spaces where storage is limited or exposed, utilizing large bookshelves as room dividers is a common practice. 


 But even if you're space wasn't ever the site for manufacturing,  the industrial style designs can add a great character to your house.


As the industries began to leave the center of the cities, artists and “bohemian” in search of cheap housing in which they could live and work and began to move in abandoned industrial buildings in research of cheaper housing
Artists created their own version of the Parisian workshop (atelier), with very little cost, satisfying their need for uniform high-ceiling, spacious enough to accommodate huge canvases and over sized artwork of the era.


For the old industrial style look for

  • objects that are made from steel, heavy metal, warm wood, concrete and glass
  • solid, metal-embellished furniture pieces such as a factory cart-inspired coffee table or side table in the living room.
  • for a complementary contrast look for softer sofas, chairs and plush rugs, soft upholstered pieces blending nicely to give your home a sophisticated-yet-relaxed feel.
  • unexpected items like unique lighting, metal storage baskets, metal or wood wine racks, or reproduction vintage signs.
  • bolts, brackets, oversized nail heads, wheels and other metal accents recall the days of steam engines and simple factory machinery.
  • Large-scale art pieces


Whites, blacks, and gray color palettes are used to emphasize space

These details when combined with the rough-hewn grain of wood, result in furniture that simply radiates authentic vintage charm.

Add robust metal counter stools in the kitchen. Or use an Industrial-inspired cabinet as a buffet in the dining room.
These items are preferably worn down or have been salvaged and recycled.

Floors are typically polished concrete or weathered wood


The Steampunk Style derived from the steam-powered engines that predominated in the Victorian years, modernized with a purely punk attitude.

Steampunk décor celebrates the industrial and technological innovations of the late 19th century, reinterpreting and repurposing them with a futuristic spin.

It layers factory tools, industrial machinery, and other workaday objects into a more romantic, feminine aesthetic.

High tech

One of the most striking of recent innovations is the style called high tech, which employs industrial, medical, and other technical equipment as components in residential room design.


The Metropolitan, Urban Chic and the Victiorian & Gothic style combines wel with the Steampunk and Industrial Factory Style


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Steampunk & Industrial Factory


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