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Beach house, Seaside, Nautical

Nautical and Beach Seaside style

A nautical or beach house interior design is a growing trend because it gives you a 'get away from it all' kind of feeling, like you are on a mini break of well being and long walks along the beach.
You do not need to live next to the sea in order to create this a coastal design style ore a beach cottage, your home can easely be in the middle of a city, just capture impressions of the sea, ships, boats and subtle touches of travel, try to bring the outdoor in.

People who could afford a beach holiday ore a cruise in the beginning of the 20th century where always of a certain classe, working people could not afford it, that's why they also coall it 'coastal chic', this style is also inspired by well-known beach communities, like the Hamptons, Nantucket, Pacific Coast, or the Caribbean.

  • Accessorize your space with items that reflect seafaring and nautical life; old rope, oars, stones, fishing, starfish and other regional design elements
  • Natural light is often enhanced through the use of sheer window panels or white slatted blinds. 
  • Natural wood or reclaimed wood from the sea that has been used to make furniture looks great for this concept., white walls, and blue and yellow accents, the color palette is characterized as “breezy” with bright or pastel like soft yellows and blueus and light wooden floors all  hues influenced by the sea and sand.
  • Having a great focal point like a ships steering wheel hung ora a giant anchor and old ship lights will do great
  • Furniture is comfortable and functional so as to fit in with the active beachfront lifestyle.
  • Try to find really antique ore vintage pieces to add even more atmosphere, like antique photo's, paintings and ships salvages


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Beach house  &  Seaside


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