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Vintage store watch display cabinet showcase


Beautiful funky vintage watch showcase/display.

In addition to watches you can of course also exhibit other products inside this showcase

The brand Galypso is a Spanish watch brand. You can also remove these letters.

This display cabinet is made of wood, glass, metal and plastic.
Beautiful in the colors yellow, blue with Lapis Lazuli effect and gold accents.

There are holes in the inside of the cylinder where you can attach the plastic watch holders (see photo, I do not have these holders).

This cabinet is on wheels so it is easy to move around. The upper display section can be rotated. It also has lighting.
The base of the cabinet can be locked and has a key. The cylinder locks in the top cupboard where removed, these can of course be put back in if the cupboard 
The cabinet is 177.5 cm high and the base cabinet is 51 x 51 cm


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