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  • Passion for the past and a fun place for inspiration with unique and incredible finds of our history

About Us

De Adelaar is a web gallery situated in Zuiddorpe, on the border of Holland and Belgium, in the centre of Europe, nearby aspiring cities like Gent, Antwerpen, Brussels and Amsterdam
Run by Jan and Marie-José van den Adel, specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind and rare collectables from the distant and not-so-distant past and is guided by their desire to search for a wide variety of authentic items


....... follow your heart....... buy what you like....... push your limits ....... occasionally break the rules and....... dare to decorate differently


De Adelaar antiek-design-vintage, Dutch antique pickers

De Adelaar - Heikant - Netherlands

 Jan, a former restaurant-café owner and an 'authentic' vintage hippie with his long hair and 'old school' tattoo has the ability and a fine nose to find special objects and trendy gems.

Marie-José, daughter of antique and auction lovers, gained her knowledge by her daily experiences, her personal travels and research as also her former work in Rome, L.A. and the Netherlands for several architects
It helps her bring to life the stories and history behind the objects she is led to find by her heart


Their collaboration  approaches a vivid and inspiring  philosophy, offering unique vintage treasures, artworks and antiques with a story and a soul

They take great joy in the fusion of different styles and periods.
We welcome you to visit us in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, only by appointment .
The Adelaar's  unique items have already found their way all over the world.


The 'Eclectic Fusion' Style

Take a look at my pinterest pictures with interior that reflects the Eclectic Fusion Style

eclection fusion


Our taste is best described as 'Eclectic Fusion' style or 'various' style.

  • There are no rules for this style, it's an eclectic mix of different interior styles and periods coming together to create an individual look to everyone's personal taste. This can be e.g. an industrial lighting over a design table surrounded by antique furniture and period pieces
  • Try to make your own interior unique, exciting, personal and fantastic!
  • Believe in your own taste and don't be afraid of a bad buy, just sell it back again. It doesn't have to be by everyone's taste - that is not possible because every person is different .... fortunatly!
  • So blur the lines, break the rules and push the boundaries
  • Any colour scheme can work with a fusion of styles as can any pattern or texture.
  • It invites you to fill a space with objects you love with your own unique finds mixing and matching old and new, East and West, luxe and humble, showy and quiet.

This style has become fashionable because of the travel opportunities available to us in the modern world. African carvings can look great with a contemporary glass vase on a hand painted table from France.

Mixing together (or fusing) an eclectic mix of items can result in a fantastic interior design which is unique, exciting and personal.







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De Adelaar
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