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French vintage set of Magyfleur bronze flower and leaf stamps/ molds for cakes and pastry


French vintage set of Magyfleur bronze flower and leaf stamps/ molds for producing expuisite decorations with chocolate or poured sugar on cakes and pastry - early 20th

Antique Metal storage carrying case. consists of 20 bronze Flowers, leaves and stars Stamps in Various Shapes & Sizes for Producing Chocolate Or Sugar Decorations hold in an metal box with the name Magy fleur and marque et brevet déposés

Finely crafted and beautiful finished set, manufactured in France, by the authorized company for Chef Yves Thuries, the creator of Magyfleurs.
These classic forms have been used by pastry chefs and confectioner's for years to create elegant edible chocolate and poured sugar flowers.
In a very good used condition

The process is simple:
Chill Magyfleur castings in a bowl of ice water, until the shapes are very cold.
Prepare as required tempered Chocolate or Poured Sugar.
Remove a form from the chilled water and wipe-off any excess water with a clean cloth. Then dip form into the liquid chocolate or poured sugar, and then allow this thin layer to solidify on the form. Then instantly and simply pop-off this thin layer shape and repeat.
Assemble the finished pieces using additional chocolate or poured sugar; apply flowers as accents to decorative cakes, plated desserts and showpieces. 

Size: from 12 cm of the largest leave to 3 cm of het smallest flower 

Total weight: 3.215 kilo


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