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Old window etalage material, metal display strings


Old vintage metal shop window material from an old shop in clothing from the 80s-90s

Unique material, very flexible, there is a knot welded  in the strings, but you can also take it out

Looks great hanging down from the ceiling or assemble it onto a wall, you can also make a string of light through it. One still has the string of light inside.

Some pieces are decorated with adhesive plastic in black and wood grain, but you can remove that in no time. You could decorate it yourself with your own colors.

Per strand it comes to 135 euros.

The shorter pieces are 30 euro each

Also possible as a complete lot of 4 strands and 3 shorter pieces - 550 euros


Size of the 4 longer pieces varies from 250 to 325 cm and the 3 shorter pieces are 85 cm each



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