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1980's Stackable "Strax" Design Armchair by Harmut Loymeyer, more available

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Item reference: d51
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1980's Stackable "Strax" Design Armchairs by Harmut Loymeyer

4 pieces available
The chairs are all marked well.
- Executed by Casala, 1981, stamped STRAX - designed by Hartmut Lohmeyer, Casala Werke, Carl Sassee KG, 3255 LAUENAU West-Germany
- Beechwood frame and dark brown polypropyleen plastic seat and back
- Despite its rugged appearance, they are surprisingly light (4.3 kg each)
- Chairs are a very recognizable and a style icon for the eighties
- The design is simple, functional, sturdy, irrepressible and very comfortable.
- Very good condition. The seat and backrest are completely fine no cracks or restaurations


Sie: 80 cm high, 58 cm wide, 52 cm deep and seat height 44 cm


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