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Valenti Spain dining chairs, armchairs, set of 6

Vintage, Spaanse, Valenti, armstoelen, armchairs, Pierre Lottier,1960s, 1970s


Item reference: C56
€ 1,00


Valenti Spain dining chairs, armchairs, set of 6, 1960s-1970s

Very nice classic style  made of massif wood with black detail.

Very decorative wheat sheaves in the backrest

The seat is covered with black leather

Watch the ornate armrests

Under the seat you see the brand mark: Valenti, made in Spain.

Good vintage condition with normal wear and tear. The black leather seats has minimum usersmarks

Size: 47 cm seat height, 100 cm total high, 55 cm wide. 45 cm deep. Armrest 71,5 cm high


Valenti is a company which has a lond tradition ( started in 1798) of unique and exclusive decorative objects and furniture.

Made by the best artisans with great craftmanship such as Pierre Lottier



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