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Pair of Art Deco doors with stained glass with skylight


Unique Art Deco stained glass doors with skylight and frame from the 1920s-1930s.

In the past, the glass parts where set in copper, which was better and stronger but also more expensive, later it was replaced by lead. Glass that is set in copper is quite rare and very durable.
Beautiful sturdy straight doors in solid wood. All glass is intact.
The doors are complete with framed and the hinges and locks are also included, the only thing missing are the handles.

The 2 doors together are 174 cm wide, 206 cm high.
The height of the skylight is 70 cm. This amounts to a total height of 276 cm.
All this measured without a frame. This is 11 cm each on the sides and the semicircular arc at the top is 4 cm


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