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Art Deco bat mantel mirror in gold

bat, art, deco, gold, hand, carved, mahogany, Art Deco, vleermuis, fledermaus


Item reference: d27
€ 1,00


Vintage French gold Art Deco Bat Mirror in gold

French massif hand-carved wooden Art Deco mantel mirror decorated with bats, 1928
This unique mirror is in the solid mahogany wood which later on has been gold dyed.

On each side on the bottom there are hand carved bats
The mirror has a bevelled glass and has a beautiful weathered appeareance with wear related oxidation spots and few scratches.

Beautiful patina which gives it a lot of character

Size: 104 cm, 89 cm wide and 3 cm thick


Mahagoni Jugendstil Spiegel Fledermaus


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