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Belgian Sculpted Writing Desk by Bernard Duthoy, 1995



This unique shaped writing desk was designed and made by Belgian-based art carpenter, sculptor and artist Bernard Duthoy.

This sculpted desk seems to flow, without straight lines, edges, or corners. Its reminiscent of the Surrealist paintings by Salvador Dalí. Bernard Duthoy made a total of five pieces of these desks, each one with slightly different details.


The black feet and the bright ivory colored half round shape with black dots in the middle of the desk is finished with polished China over car coatings and can be opened where it has a sculpted space for pens, above which is a patinated steel grill with a lamp.

The desk is made out of American elm, walnut, poplar, MDF, and steel. It can be disassembled (the top is in 2 parts for easy transport).

Width 355 cm
Depth 105 cm
Height 80 cm


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