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Art deco stained glass panels

art deco-glas-in-lood-deur-raam-vintage-pop art-memphis-stijl-glass


Item reference: e43
€ 1,00


Beautiful set of art deco stained glass panels 

The stained glass is set in a door frame, they have been shortened at the bottom in the past so they are very low doors. 
The glass windows are very easy to remove to be able to place them in a different setting.
The transparent glass has a light purple tint with a beautiful art deco decor with the colors green, orange, blue and white.

This print can also been used in an interior based on the Memphis or Pop Art style.

The glass is in good and sturdy condition

Doors: 141 cm wide (when they are against each other) 178 cm high and 3.4 cm thick
Windows: 50.5 cm wide and 137 cm high




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