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Large Mid-Century Wilkhahn Conference Boardroom Dining Table, 1960's

Wilkhahn, Conference, boardroom, Dining, Table, Delta, Design, conferentie, tafel, eettafel, Michael Conrad, Henner Werner, Detlef Unger and Dieter Raffler


Item reference: d85-lw
€ 1,00


Unique and rare very large XXL vintage table, dining table, conference table, meeting table from the German brand Wilkhahn

In 1967 Delta-Design developed the 2000 series for Wilkhahn of which this table was part.

The table is marked at the bottom of the top "Wilkhahn gepruft" (Wilkhahn checked).

The strength of this popular series was the very progressive design with great designers such as Michael Conrad, Henner Werner, Detlef Unger and Dieter Raffler.

The 2000 series was popular among executives of large companies and factories because it had a very American appeal to it.

The base of the table is made of brushed aluminum and metal.

I cannot identify the type of wood of the top, but it has a beautiful wood structure in a beautiful bright honey color. Finished in high-gloss lacquer.

Considering its age this table is still in very good condition, minimal

traces of use, the top can be unscrewed from the base if necessary for transport.

Beautiful in a large loft, restaurant, café, or simply as a conference table. The 1.5 meter distance can certainly be guaranteed with this large table.

Size: 411 cm long. It is 129 cm wide in the middle and 109 cm wide at both ends. 72 cm high


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