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Antique wooden back bar with shelves, 1800s

antieke-houten-achterwand-bar-cafe-pub taverne-verzameling-bierglazen-wijnglazen-mancave-volkskunst


Item reference: d99-aa


Antique back bar with shelves for bar / cafe / tavern
This unique wooden back bar, bar cabinet dates from 1800s and has beautiful hand carved decorations of leaf motifs, typical Flemish folk art.

The back wall is made of pitch pine
4 shelves with a depth of 14 cm. Ideal for a collection of beer glasses, wine or as a decoration in a mancave
Good condition but missing on the top left a piece of the top strip and a few square teeth underneath the top strip on the left-middle
At the bottom in the middle is missing a square block

Size: 147 , 5 cm high, 113 cm wide and 23 cm deep (measured from the top including the top molding) In the middle it is 18 cm deep





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