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Antique Children's Felt Rocking Horse on Wheels


Antique wooden rocking horse, circa 1900. Can be uncoupled with 2 screws so that it becomes a wheeled pull toy horse .

The wooden base and the wheels are in excellent condition.

The wooden horse is covered with jute, where over the years some bare pieces have arisen.

The eyes are made of glass and give a very expressive expression.

Leather ears and the tail is made of real horse hair.

The moons too, but they have largely disappeared.

The leather harness is still present, as is the bit, but it probably has had a saddle on it, but it is no longer included.


Dimensions 118 cm long, 35 cm wide and 80 cm high (the horse itself is 66 cm high, 69 cm long and 20 cm wide



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